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Social Books è un progetto inclusivo

The project

Social Books is an experimental project aimed to change the future of education, making a social, sustainable and innovative impact in the way students and teachers work together at school.

The central idea is learning by doing : providing students with the essential knowledge and skills to create their own textbooks – books which are digital, sharable, highly readable and that can be downloaded for free.

The purpose is to enable students to be actively involved in the learning process, empowering them to co-design their own education. From this perspective, the classroom would be transformed into an editorial team, working across physical and digital supports, while the teacher would suggest contents and tools and supervise the texts, guiding the students and acting as a mentor.

The goal is to develop a multimedia educational platform, that can be enriched by local communities of teachers and students and where they can upload and share their textbooks, as well as research programmes and materials.

Social Books would be co-designed by the school community, with the support of a professional team:

  • the multimedia educator will train students in the use of IT tools and help them to develop and navigate the digital platform where contents and materials will be uploaded and shared;
  • the learning tutor will work with all students to understand and integrate all different ways of learning and develop highly readable texts;
  • the graphic facilitator will introduce students to the use of visual representations to summarise and organise key contents

Week by week all the lessons and their focus will be shared on-line in order to be used as integrative or substitutive tools of the traditional textbooks. They will also offer the chance to be enriched at any time by the students.

At the end of the year each chapter will be collected in a Social Book, refined and completed with multimedia contents. The Book will be downloadable for free through the our page Library.

Thanks to crowdfunding, the project was launched in the Secondary School Carlo Pepoli in Bologna in September 2015!